Saturday, May 10, 2008

What I Know Now

So there are some fun moms participating in this mothers day blog bash. It looked like fun and I loved the question to post about...What I know Now.(about being a mom)

I Know now that there are no words in the English language to truly describe Motherhood. It is wonderful but that just dosen't capture it. Sometimes it is scary because I am molding these two beautiful girls that may one day become mothers too and I don't know if I am doing it right. At times my love for them is did i really gave birth to this precious person? And other times so when i realize my life is currently consisting of chasing a 10 month old and playing Cinderella 20 times a day!!

I know now what pure love is. It is a constant binding love that will never

I know now what pure pain is. It is giving birth and recovering and having surgeries to recover etc. It is also what I feel when my child is hurt or sad, pain because i would do anything in the world to take that hurt or saddness so that didn't have it.

I Know now that it was worth it. Everything we sacrifice to be a mother everyday is so worth it.


ashley said...

great post, being a mom is the best.

you play cinderella all day? oh, boy, do i need to send that girl some surf videos?

snlbarney said...

What a great Mother's Day post, and I love the way you say what you're feeling even though we all know that it is so hard to really SAY what we are feeling, you know?:)

Kim said...

Well put, dear sis! You are a SPECTACULAR mom, by the way, just in case you ever forget. I hope you had a sweet Mother's Day. Can you believe that I MISS playing Cinderella with my girls? They like to do things with me now like bake cookies and paint nails, but I miss the innocent make-believe stage...try to enjoy it. Love ya!

Tawnya said...

Soo true! there is so much about motherhood that you're clueless about until you're in the moment. But what an amazing way to grow and learn!

Anonymous said...

wonderful post! Being a mom is so worth it!!!

Crazy Hair said...

Happy Mother's Day Steph! Keep up the good work! Love you.

the waites said...

I loved this! I wish I could play Cinderella all day. You are such an amazing mom,we need to see you guys this summer.

marsha addams said...

Those are two amazingly lucky little girls to have YOU for a mom!What a perfect tribute to being a mom...the pains, the joys, the fun...and the fact that it is never ending!!! Aren't we lucky???
Enjoy every single minute of it.

Bullett437 said...

I am Sean Madgett's dad.
We lived in Pleasanton.
Is this the same Sean Madgett Sam mentioned working at Micky D's?