Monday, August 25, 2008

BIG preschool

Bella started "Big"Preschool a few weeks ago and is loving it and so am i! A couple days a week, for a couple of hours is nice...
Last year Bella did Joy school with some little friends and their moms. It got her used to being away from home and doing basic preschool stuff. SO now she calls this the REAL thing, the Big girl preschool! She loves her teachers and wanted me to post a couple of cute pics of the first day! I love that she jumps out of the car and gives me a hug and kiss and runs in to school without a second look back:)

First one sitting down reading, she was such a big girl!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bye, Bye, July!

Wow, i haven't blogged in a whole month. Hmm, don't think i have the energy to blog about all the fun stuff we did the past month but I will tell you we went to Utah for 2 weeks! Wow huh! So here are some details about that little vaca...

I got to see my entire family at some point during the trip and it has been at least a year since that happened. Kim and her kids came out from Mississippi and even Lee stopped by for a day on his way back to New Jersey. Of course we hit Lagoon...
Here is Bella with her cousin Alyssa( who is now also Bella's Idol)
Bella and her cousin Andrew
Alyssa and Bella. When we got home from our trip she actually she told me she wanted to be Alyssa when she grew up. Cute!
Me trying to not let Sophie drown herself. She loved this pool in Bountiful and was hard to catch!
The adults got to got to dinner one night! Here is me and my Pops.

Oh, and these pics are out of order but here is our little fourth of July before we went to Utah. Our friends had a fun pancake b-fast at their house.
And look these are the fireworks right out side our little house.

Bella kept sayin she was a little bit scared but once she realized they weren't going to fall on her. She was up dancin with every BOOM!
Sophie obviously was not scared(will she ever be?)

Till next time...have a great August everybody!