Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bella Musing

Who Am I? What is Life? How does the world turn?
I thought this was a sweet picture of Bella thinking and drinking. I sometimes wonder what she is thinking and as many of you know she will blurt out the darndest things. Maybe I will share a few examples:
**When Sam and I are discipling her she randomly calls out, "Shaka Daddy" and gives us the SHaka(or hang loose sign).
**When her little friend tells her he dosen't like the hardware store his daddy took him to Bella says, "I don't like them either I only like Soft Stores"
**In the middle of the post office line when Sofia started to cry she yells out, " Mommy she wants to eat your Breast!"
**At the grocery store a Fat Man(not to be rude) walks past and Bella says outloud, "He looks really Soft mom."
**After reading Jack and the Beanstalk, " Mom, I think I would like the Giant better if he was smiling and wearing Pink."
There are so many laugh out loud moments everyday with Bella. I can't remember most of them, so maybe I will Blog them every once in a while. But for now that was a small edition of Bella's Musing's, until next time Keep it Cool my babies. Love, Bella
*P.S. SO I just got back from the park with Bella and needed to add one more thing to this musing post. I just spent the last 25 minutes watching Bella throw leaves up in the air and letting them fall on her face while continuely yelling"Weeeeeeee!" Of course the entire park was watching her because you don't often see a Little Redhead standing by herself utterly happy with herself and the leaves. Then for the next 10 minutes I watched as she scooped up armfuls of leaves and ran clear across the park to put them on the swing. Yes as you might imagine they would all fly out of her arms and by the time she got to the swing to push them...they were gone. This process continued until I couldn't stand the disappointment in her face after always arriving at the swing with no leaves in her arms. I interceded and we decided to smash and crunch all the leaves instead. What a fabulously happy, silly girl I have. (Sorry this was supposed to be a short P.S. not a monologue).

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The New Tutu

Introducing the New Tutu...Bella had been taking a dance class the past month and loves it! She is one of the youngest and Best dancers in her class(no I am not Bias). Previously we have been wearing a skirt we got for 99cents and sadly looks like it has no life left and needs to be thrown away. I should post a pic of it. Well, we were out browsing and came across this wonderful, fru-fru, pink tutu and shall I say both Bella and I loved it! And it was cheap! I am not a frilly mom that makes my girls were huge bows the size of their heads but I thought this was adorable. Here a few pics of Bella wearing it the minute we got home(and she didn't take it off till bedtime). Watch out dance class Bella has arrived!

This is actually the end of her crazy dance aka photo session!
Before the crazy dance aka phot session, still warmin up in t-shirt.

The Girl wouldn't stop running! But look at the Poffiness(spelling?)!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Crazy 8's

So I never do this sort of thing but obviously felt like it today:

8 Things I am passionate about:(Random order)
1. My husband (duh..)
2. My two daughters, Bella & Sophia
3. My Religon
4. The Beach (especially hawaii's)
5. Music
6. My friends & Family
7. Trying to be a good wife & mommy
8. Sleep (because i don't get to much)

8 Things I want to do before I die:
1. See my girls get married in the temple
2. Live in Hawaii again
3. Live to my 50th anniversay and still be crazy in love with my hubby
4. Run a Marathon
5. Travel, travel, and travel some more
6. Build a house (by the beach?)
7. Be a rockstar, no actually just play the guitar
8. Visit my birthplace

8 Things I say often:
1. I love you!!
2. Why am i so tired?
3. Bella you are a silly billy!
4. I have stopped drinking soda
5. Sam when are you coming home?
6. Can I comb your hair(to Bella)
7. What are you guys doing today? (to Heidi)
8. Be nice

8 Books I've recently read:
1. Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer
2. New Moon
3. Twilight (loved all three)
4. 19 minutes by Jodi Piccoult
5. Book of Mormon
6. Babywise
7. Memory Keeper's Daughter
8. The Bourne Legacy (currently reading)

8 Songs I could listen to over and over: (let's just day bands, not songs)
1. Mates of State
2. Elisa- "Dance"
3. Step up soundtrack
4. Elliot Smith
5. Mason Jennings
6. Black-eyed Peas
7. Modest Mouse
8. Andre Bochelli (Random, I know)

8 Things I have learned this past year:
1. Having two kids is crazy but worth it
2. I am not a morning person
3. I really don't like cold weather
4. Sam is the greatest daddy in the world
5. Don't worry about the little things
6. I like Ebay
7. Finding time for myself is getting harder and harder
8. Sam is a high school teacher and good at it.

8 Things That attract me to my best friends:( includes husband, family, etc.)
1. Honesty
2. Good sense of Humor
3. Good Listener
4. Crazy & Silly ( in a good way)
5. Trustworthy
6. Good-looking (that's for Sam)
7. Easy going
8. Genuine

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A little S.A.T. Trivia

It is never to early to teach your kids their vocab for the S.A.T.'s! Who can tell me what, "pulchritudinous" means??? Anyone, Anyone....(Lindsey you can't guess cause I told you).

I seriously can't even say the word but I won this cute onesie from a company called "SATEE's". They make cute kids clothes that use vocabulary from the SAT's. Crazy I know but hey I got it for free!!

And now when Sophie wears it strangers ask me what it means and I get to say, "BEAUTIFUL"
He-he, I think it is kinda cute and even Bella can say it know although it sounds a little like "Pooctoodoonus".

Friday, October 12, 2007


Yay for Sophie!! She just started rolling over and over and over. She won't stop and we are so proud of her! We always talk about all the big girl things Bella is accomplishing so we needed to give a Shout Out to little Sophia! Good Job my little munchkin!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

First Crush...

Okay so I thought I had until Bella was sixteen to worry about boys and her crushes. Guess Not. Introducing Oshyn Nobmann or should I say Bella's Man! No seriously, they have known each other since they were tiny babies but now it is soooo cute how excited she gets to hang out with him. It dosen't help that we live in walking distance from his house and his mom and I are like the greatest friends. But still it is weird to have my daughter say, "Oh mommy , I just LOVE Oshyn, and I just want to kiss him and hug him." I can't decide if it is cute or nerve-racking thinking he might break her little heart! See I am not ready for this! Oshyn if you are reading this(wait you can't read yet) I love you too and am so glad you and Bella are such good pals.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Couple of Moves

First off, don't tell Sam I am blogging when I should be cleaning. Bella has recently started a dance class although her whole life is a dance class. Seriously, she dances whenever and wherever she wants! Of course I love it because I miss my years of dancing!

Here she is showing a couple of her moves...I wish the lighting was better! Sam and I frequently have dance parties in our house but she did not learn these moves from me! Take a look.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Super Sunday

So, Sunday was a fun day! I am so proud of my two girls. Bella bore her first ever testimony in our church. So adorable but then she started crying when Sam tried to take her off the stand and was yelling "Again Daddy". I guess that part wasn't quite as adorable. We also blessed our new baby Sophia. She is already 3 months but we have been out of town on fast sundays. Better late than Never right! Anyway, we had a few family and friends over so that was pretty cool too.