Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A little S.A.T. Trivia

It is never to early to teach your kids their vocab for the S.A.T.'s! Who can tell me what, "pulchritudinous" means??? Anyone, Anyone....(Lindsey you can't guess cause I told you).

I seriously can't even say the word but I won this cute onesie from a company called "SATEE's". They make cute kids clothes that use vocabulary from the SAT's. Crazy I know but hey I got it for free!!

And now when Sophie wears it strangers ask me what it means and I get to say, "BEAUTIFUL"
He-he, I think it is kinda cute and even Bella can say it know although it sounds a little like "Pooctoodoonus".


snlbarney said...

What a fitting onesie! Sophia is beautiful! I loved chatting with you the other day, PLEASE let me know if you want me to come up. OTHERWISE, we will see you at Christmas! I can't believe she is rolling over, don't let her walk!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, how adorable! I love that word! Thanks for stopping by and entering!!


kimi said...

That is such a cute shirt. I will have to check out their site. I tried pronouncing it a few times, no luck! Maybe they need shirts like that for grown-ups :)