Monday, February 25, 2008

So stylish!

I have said before that Bella is so into dresses and i am not. Every morning she wants to put one on and i try and distract her but to no avail. At least once during the day a dress is worn. Today however she opted for a skirt. Hey it is better than a full dress with tights, so i tell her that a skirt over pants is so stylish(mostly because it is freezing outside). For the rest of the day she told everyone including her baby sister that she is SO STYLISH! Oh no what have i started!!

Also little Sophie is getting an orange nose. Do you see it??? I am sure it will go away but the doctor said it is because of the carrots and sweet potatoes. My kid's skin is turning orange! I said. He just laughed and said not to worry about it. Easy for him to say but I want to take some 8 month pictures of her! Has anybody ever had this happen to their baby? I don't know what to do. But she is still little carrot nose:)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Heart day & beach day!

What a fun week! First, Sammy had monday off work so the fam went to Santa Cruz for the day! We will do almost anything for a beach day even if it takes 2 hours to drive there!! Bella loves the beach and it is so fun to just be by the water like the good ol days!

Valentine's Day was yesterday and Bella was more into it then either Sam or I. She had to wear her Valentine dress ALL day. Wherever we went she wished strangers a "Happy Valentine's Day! In fact, at the dinner table she said the prayer and wished him a Happy Valentines day! I kid you not but it was actually a very sweet moment as Sam and I tried not to laugh:)

Here are a couple of pics of Bella making her Valentine treats and a bouquet of heart flowers for Daddy!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Guest editior, Sophia

Well, this past week has been filled with a lot of ups and downs. Starting off with the passing of our beloved prophet, Gordon B. Hinkley and I believe the funeral was today. I am filled with saddness because I will miss him so much and happiness because he has moved on to a better place with his wonderful wife. Then I had a bummer Doctor appointment. Looks as if the Surgery didn't go as well as expected and I still have another 6 weeks to recover! Very Frustrating. And the weather here isn't helping...rain and more rain! So heres to a better week:) Sophie will know take over the post...

Guest editior today...Sophia wanted to tell us a few things about herself:

First I would like to thank my mommy for the past 7 months, I mean that is alot of diaper changes, am I right?He-He

Let's see, I am really into my big sister Bella, in fact I watch her at all times! I have finally decided that she is a little bit crazy with that red hair and all. But hopefully she will show me the ropes as I get older.

I really lovvvve to smile at everybody especially complete strangers cause then my mommy has to talk to them which is really awkward sometimes!

My Daddy can't get enough of me, in fact he always tells me he wants to put me in his pocket so I can go with him to work all day. I think I might have him tied around my finger already!

I also need to give a Shout Out to Baby Einstein! Without them I don't know what I would when Mommy needs a little time to chill out by herself!

Oh and I still wake up at night, I always just think I am missing out on the Fun...I should probably stop doing that soon or my mommy's eyes are going to permanetly have dark circles under them!

I have mastered the Army Crawl which means I can get what ever I want now! Ah yeah!

Well, gotta run, I mean crawl...I miss all you smiling faces to look at!:)

My crazy big sister getting in on the pic

The naked Army Crawl
We don't look too much alike huh?