Thursday, June 26, 2008

Go Sophie, It's your B-day!

Go Sophie its your Birthday! We're gonna party like its your Birthday! (Does anyone else remember this song from way back when??) Except it dosen't say Sophie its says"Shortie"
Anyway, my little girl turned ONE on the 20th of June! Finally getting around to post a couple of pics!
Can I just say that she is such a riot! She is a daredevil to say the least...she will walk right off our bed and just laugh when she lands on her face. So really it is a small miracle that she made it to her first birthday!!
She is also beautiful and smiles all the time! The girl has 6 teeth with two more coming in! They are major chompers. She is also loud, likes to wrestle her big sister, and has the biggest blue eyes ever!! She is not into cuddling right now. It prohibits her new walking freedom. She will walk away from me at the park and never look back. Kinda sad huh?
Just a couple of facts about my walking almost running ONE year old Sophia. Her are some pics from her day.
I made a Ladybug birthday cake, I was kinda proud of myself because i can't even make pancakes.

Happy Girl!

I don't think this was on the birthday but it looks like they are singing Happy Birthday!

I love you little Bug!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A bit of Everything

Bella finished her first season of Tot Soccer! I know maybe it was too early for her to play but when Mommy loves soccer what do you expect! She might not be as into it as I hoped but that's cool. I think it was more fun for me getting up early Sat. morning, going to the soccer fields, watching all the games. Just like the good old days! I loved watching Bella run after the ball or so I thought until she tells me " I was pretending to be a flying Pony today". It really was a crack up having kids run the wrong way, stop to pick up flowers, etc. So who knows if she will ever do it again but here are a few photos.
Doing a midfield dance!
Daddy and Sophie cheering her on.
Just look for the one with RED Hair!
Bella ready for kick off standing next to Oshyn(#10)

Also here is Part Two of Sophia's walking video...

She is a walker/runner, I am not kidding! The girl just loves to walk and fall and will always get back up smiling. So here is a better video of her walking.