Friday, November 30, 2007

5 or 10 months?

So Sophie is already 5 months can you believe it? I can because she looks like she could be 10 months...Seriously though at here dr. check-up she was off the charts in her height(like over 110 percentile). Hmmm, she must be her daddy's baby! Maybe she will end up being 6'4 too. I love it though! Everyone talks about how LONG she is! Oh and did you know she also has TWO TEETH. What the... I mean it is cool and all but don't forget about the biting. That is a no-no Sophia.

She is the happiest, smilingest(is this a word?) baby ever except Bella but she is not a baby anymore. She is a minature teenager but that is for a different post. Sophia is our Little Love and she is the Best! I sometimes wonder what is going through her mind when she watches us make faces her and dance around the room. Just smile and laugh, smile and laugh. This is her thoughts not mine. Is this post making sense? For family and friends...yes I am feeling a lot better. Here are a couple of pics of our little, i mean, big girl.

1-Hi Smiley!

2-This one isn't the cutest smile but look how big she is.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks Mom!

Having my mom here for a week was wonderful and we miss her already!

Making Thanksgiving sugar cookies. (Don't look at Bella's crazy hair)
Sophia's smile says it all, "Grandma is soooo much fun!"

Here is a little list of Bella's favorite Grandma times last week:
1. Hide and Seek 2. Baking Sugar cookies 3. Hunting for Garage Sales 4. Getting Ice Cream 5. Reading books 6. Taking Grandma to dance class 7. And of course, waking Grandma up at the crack of dawn to play dress up!

Monday, November 12, 2007


You know the saying, "When life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade". Well I think I have some lemons. See tommorow I go into surgery. I debated writing about because I don't want to sound lame and I have been pretty much been acting like it is not happening. But it is...for some reason my body dosen't heal after Childbirth, go figure. So I had a surgery after Bella and was hoping and praying I wouldn't have to do it after Sophie. Argh, I found out a month or so ago that I have to. I am pretty mad about about it but whatevea... So my mom out to help with the kids while I do this stupid surgery that takes another 6 weeks to heal(like I just had a baby again)! So my question is how do I make Lemonade with these Lemons????

Friday, November 9, 2007

Hippie Photos

So Melody at Slurping Life is having a Hippie photo contest and I am entering a couple of fun photos. I am all about the random, different photos...very groovy. Anywho, it looked like alot of fun so I signed up, although I am by no means a great photograper.

1# Shadows

#2 Mommy loves Flowers

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


So I have been tagged by a few friends; Laura, Jessica, and Nano. Guess it's about time I actually do it so I can pass it on to others. Just so everyone knows I am not to good at these things. I am supposed to write 7 Random Facts about me. I loved reading everyone else's but cannot guarantee the same with my own. Here goes:

1. When I was little I wanted to be a Rock Star! And it was more than a small desire, I was obssessed with this goal. I even went to the extent to make my mother start calling music agencies and asking how i can get in at their company! One small glitch in my rock star dream was the part that I could not sing! I mean I could physically sing and i did all the time but I could not sing well! I wish my mom would have told me that.

2. I am not a good cook. That is probably is no surprise to many of you especially past roomies, family, and of course my husband. But hey I do other things really well like....let me think for a minute.

3. I have crazy, vivid dreams. I always have, I still remember some nightmares from my childhood. I wonder if it is because I love to read!! I only wish I could somehow tape record my dreams because I could make a killing selling the stories to film producers. But when I wake up I slowly start to forget them. My hubby dosen't dream at all(or at least he dosen't remember them).

4. This is not a random fact but a random story...when Sam asked me to marry him he had tied the ring on the back of a Lei(we were living in Hawaii) I was wearing. I obviously didn't know yet but when i went to the restroom the Lei was itching my neck so I took it off for a minute. Low and Behold there was a Diamond ring attached to it! I was so excited I had to try it on right there in the bathroom stall. Needless to say I had to fake being surprised an hour later when he pops the question and takes off the Lei to show me the ring. Sorry Sam..

5. My favorite thing to do lately when I need a break is go for a drive. No, not a quiet lesiurely kind of drive but a loud musical singing session. I like to grab my I-Pod and blast my music as I drive aimlessly through Lodi. For some reason it relaxes me and reminds me that I am still a normal fun girl not just a tired mommy of two. Sounds kinda weird huh?

6. I like Baked Taquitos. A restaurant I waitressed at in college used to bake them for me instead of frying them. I am on a continual quest to find a mexican place that will do the same. I seriously ask everytime, and sadly have not found any other restaurant that will make them like that.

7. My last random comment is that I like E-bay. It is my little obsession lately...I sell stuff to earn a little extra Stephanie cash. Sam says that one day he will come home and I will have sold everything in the house. Now who is exaggerating?

So now to Tag a few friends you don't have to do this, only if you have a couple of spare minutes. However, if you do it make sure to tag 6 more friends. Alright, Heidi, Kim, Kristina, Rae, Lindsey B., and Crow let's see what you got. 7 Random Facts!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet...

Do kids still say that? Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. Actually I can't believe we used to say that it sounds kinda rude. Anywho, we barely made it to the trick or treating last night. Something always goes wrong or crazy when you are just about to do something fun!
Let's see: Bella dressed up as a pink kitty in a costume my mom made, Sophie was a Ballerina with converse high-tops, and I was the blue wig. That's what Bella called me! Those of you from my days in Hawaii might remember the Wig. I donned it at Halloween when I was there teaching High school as a Umpa Lumpa. So 3 years later it is pretty tangly and old but I didn't really plan a big costume. Which is better than Sam, the guy just is so anti-halloween or so he says. Didn't dress up but I swear last year he was Jack in the Box. Whatever, it was fun!

Trick or Treat!

Can you see the long drool hangin out of her mouth? Classic!
Sophie and the Blue Wig, Nicole and Princess Leia, and Heidi as a Kangeroo w/with her little Roo in her pouch. Gotta love the face, Heidi!
Bella was continually getting scared(the poor thing) but here is a somewhat happy look!
My little Ballerina (I know not to creative but it was cute)!