Monday, April 28, 2008


What is happening...did I really turn 30 last week! I feel like superold or supercool i can't decide which one!

Fun b-day with my hubby buying my the Magic Bullet(supermixer) and Bella wishing I had a chocolate cake like She liked! Went out to B.J.'s brewhouse with some girlfriends for a little brew, I mean Mountain Dew! Yeah it was good!

The next night my hubby took me out to eat Mexican style AND we stayed over night at a hotel. Which is so fun for kids and pure sleep is bliss! SO thanks honey and his parent for watching the girls!Oh and thanks for all the birthday presents and calls from friends and family! Were you all just taking pity on the fact that I am the big 3-0!Hmmmm.

Of course I have NO pics because i am always the one taking them of my kids so boring I know but here are what the kids did after the date at their Nana and G-Pa's house.

The first Sprinkler fun of the season!

Poor Sophie loved the water didn't love not having a swimsuit!(freezing)

Now I feel better cuddling with my G-Pa!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Roofers be gone!

This past week has been Loud, not just because I have to wildly happy little girls, but because our townhouse are getting new roofs! Yes it is loud because the have to hammer off the old one and hammer on a new one. Bella is terrified of loud noises. Seriously she can hear a lawn mower three blocks away and will run back in the house. She won't even go to Sam's basketball games because it is too loud.
So yeah, it was a long week with the generater and the hammering on our roof from morning till night. I couldn't take the noise and Bella crying about the noise all day so we would go ANYWHERE just to get away. Here are a few pics from us going random places doing random things...

Cute little Boutique that the kids get to play dress up while you shop!

Bella's new favorite store...the Chocolate Factory!
Kinda ghetto but the Mall Park in Stockton can be fun!