Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A little Easter...

Happy Easter friends and Family!
My sis-in -law Lydia came into town and took some super cute Easter pics of the girls! Here are just a few...

Look at those Chompers on Sophie:)

Finally hair long enough for piggies


Bella loved posing for the camera while Sophia had to bribed with starbursts!

No smile till the Starburst...
Thank you! Starburst!

Can't figure out how to delete this pic, so here is Bella posing again.

So we did more than take pics all day. We made it to the last of the big Easter egg hunt, no eggs left. Not to worry three angels ran over and dumped out some eggs in front of Bella! "Look mommy where did these come from?" Love four year olds! Not to worry both kids were more interested in the New Huge Park across the way instead of the easter games, so there you have it. We had some good times on the park equipment, pretty much like every other day! So much for all my ideas of cute pictures easter games and face painting. But gosh darnit we had FUN! Later.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My attempt at being...

So i made an attempt at being CRAFTY...Seriously nobody understands how Un-crafty i truly am! Except Heidi which is why she had to practically hold my hand through this project. He-He but it is done even if it isn't amazing...I DID IT!!! And Bella actually Likes it :)

I really love the paper I found, it is Amy Butler but the pic's don't show how cool the patterns really are. Hence why i need a new bombastic camera! Here is Soph's...
I eventually lowered this on her wall but it still has to be out of reach for her monkey hands.
And Bella-boo isn't quite sure where she wants it on her wall so for now it is on the shelf.

P.S. Thanks again Heidi for helping me...i know i don't have a crafty bone in my body!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love 'em!

So my girls have two totally different personalities! Bella is the more sensitive, girly one and Sophie is the daredevil, crazy one. At least for now that is, it could change one day I know. They are both so much fun in different ways. Here are a few random photos that are funny to me.
Bella loves her new super princess cape and mask! I won it on some giveaway:)
Sophie was sporting a new do' one night...thanks to daddy's handiwork and Sophia's applesauce for the spikey look!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentines

Had to put in a couple of random shots of Sophie, she wasn't as into the fun Valentine festivites as her sister. But I leave her alone for a couple of minutes and she has found new "blocks" to play with. Guess she raided the cupboards but what an impressive tower!

Bella loved Valentines! She learned to cute out hearts all by herself! I was so proud of her, i said she should be a professional heart cutter when she grows up! They make good money right?
Love you all and hope you had a good V-day!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Been Awhile!

Hi friends and family! Haven't been to into blogging lately have i.;)
But i still have read all of yours...
Too hard to play catch up for the past oh 5 months, so let's just start from this Month. January.
Had great fun at Christmas in Utah, Bella had a Birthday, and Sophie is just as Crazy as ever!

Full house, grandma's homemade stockings(Don't know why i took a pic of the back when the front of them are beautiful)
Sophia's favorite Christmas present! Go Figure.

Random family at the Salt Lake Temple. Sooooo Cold.

Utah Snow
Cousin Alyssa and a very happy Bella

Bella's 4 year old Tinkerbell Birthday Party. Sadly,we all had the stomach flu the days before.

She really wanted to do a Pinata(they loved wacking ol' Tinkerbell)

Back in Cali at the Beach

We went on a beautiful hike on New Years!
Funny Pic of Soph in Daddy's hat.

Monday, August 25, 2008

BIG preschool

Bella started "Big"Preschool a few weeks ago and is loving it and so am i! A couple days a week, for a couple of hours is nice...
Last year Bella did Joy school with some little friends and their moms. It got her used to being away from home and doing basic preschool stuff. SO now she calls this the REAL thing, the Big girl preschool! She loves her teachers and wanted me to post a couple of cute pics of the first day! I love that she jumps out of the car and gives me a hug and kiss and runs in to school without a second look back:)

First one sitting down reading, she was such a big girl!