Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentines

Had to put in a couple of random shots of Sophie, she wasn't as into the fun Valentine festivites as her sister. But I leave her alone for a couple of minutes and she has found new "blocks" to play with. Guess she raided the cupboards but what an impressive tower!

Bella loved Valentines! She learned to cute out hearts all by herself! I was so proud of her, i said she should be a professional heart cutter when she grows up! They make good money right?
Love you all and hope you had a good V-day!


the bates motel said...

hieee! your girls are so big and old and cute! where have you been! glad your kinda back :)! hope life is good and that you are enjoying ca.

heidi said...

good on ya bella!! o learned how to draw hearts this year--he could draw you can cut! what a team!
love you guys and sophie--wow! you go girl.

Lacey said...

that pic of bella was sooooooo cute!

Dani said...

your girls are so adorable:)

Kim said...

Seriously, sooooo sweet. Love the dimples, love the icy blue eyes, love the hearts, love the imagination, love the hat, love them both!