Monday, September 24, 2007

Cruisin' in Santa Cruz

Labor day was our first vacation with the new baby! We stayed at Capitola beach in Sam's buddies place. It was seriously two blocks from the beach. Because it was labor day and the Begonia Festival, the beach was bumpin! We would have felt like we were back at our Hawaii beaches but realized it is all different with two kids in tow. I looked around at my little redhead digging in the sand and the other one sitting in her own personal beach chair that daddy dug in the sand and thought "Where am I?" Oh yeah I don't live in Hawaii anymore but life is getting better and definitely more exciting. A great Weekend.

The Beginning

Let's see here...I have never blogged but love reading others! So here goes...I hope I am good at this and I love the idea that you can make it into a book when you are done. Just like the Journals I should be keeping for my two daughters. Whoops, this will have to do guys.