Monday, September 24, 2007

The Beginning

Let's see here...I have never blogged but love reading others! So here goes...I hope I am good at this and I love the idea that you can make it into a book when you are done. Just like the Journals I should be keeping for my two daughters. Whoops, this will have to do guys.


Jessica Brown said...

Steph how exciting that you have a blog! Send me the link sometime and I'll put it on my blog. My email address is So good to hear from you!

Crazy Hair said...

yay for blogs. have you seen mine? this is Lydia by the way. I'm putting a link to you're blog on mine.

the child family said...

Hi Steph!
Long time no see! I'm so glad you have a blog now since I have no idea what you have been doing for like the past 10 years. I put your link on our site if that is OK. I love that you have a redhead since we do too. Redheads unite!