Thursday, January 29, 2009

Been Awhile!

Hi friends and family! Haven't been to into blogging lately have i.;)
But i still have read all of yours...
Too hard to play catch up for the past oh 5 months, so let's just start from this Month. January.
Had great fun at Christmas in Utah, Bella had a Birthday, and Sophie is just as Crazy as ever!

Full house, grandma's homemade stockings(Don't know why i took a pic of the back when the front of them are beautiful)
Sophia's favorite Christmas present! Go Figure.

Random family at the Salt Lake Temple. Sooooo Cold.

Utah Snow
Cousin Alyssa and a very happy Bella

Bella's 4 year old Tinkerbell Birthday Party. Sadly,we all had the stomach flu the days before.

She really wanted to do a Pinata(they loved wacking ol' Tinkerbell)

Back in Cali at the Beach

We went on a beautiful hike on New Years!
Funny Pic of Soph in Daddy's hat.