Saturday, October 20, 2007

Crazy 8's

So I never do this sort of thing but obviously felt like it today:

8 Things I am passionate about:(Random order)
1. My husband (duh..)
2. My two daughters, Bella & Sophia
3. My Religon
4. The Beach (especially hawaii's)
5. Music
6. My friends & Family
7. Trying to be a good wife & mommy
8. Sleep (because i don't get to much)

8 Things I want to do before I die:
1. See my girls get married in the temple
2. Live in Hawaii again
3. Live to my 50th anniversay and still be crazy in love with my hubby
4. Run a Marathon
5. Travel, travel, and travel some more
6. Build a house (by the beach?)
7. Be a rockstar, no actually just play the guitar
8. Visit my birthplace

8 Things I say often:
1. I love you!!
2. Why am i so tired?
3. Bella you are a silly billy!
4. I have stopped drinking soda
5. Sam when are you coming home?
6. Can I comb your hair(to Bella)
7. What are you guys doing today? (to Heidi)
8. Be nice

8 Books I've recently read:
1. Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer
2. New Moon
3. Twilight (loved all three)
4. 19 minutes by Jodi Piccoult
5. Book of Mormon
6. Babywise
7. Memory Keeper's Daughter
8. The Bourne Legacy (currently reading)

8 Songs I could listen to over and over: (let's just day bands, not songs)
1. Mates of State
2. Elisa- "Dance"
3. Step up soundtrack
4. Elliot Smith
5. Mason Jennings
6. Black-eyed Peas
7. Modest Mouse
8. Andre Bochelli (Random, I know)

8 Things I have learned this past year:
1. Having two kids is crazy but worth it
2. I am not a morning person
3. I really don't like cold weather
4. Sam is the greatest daddy in the world
5. Don't worry about the little things
6. I like Ebay
7. Finding time for myself is getting harder and harder
8. Sam is a high school teacher and good at it.

8 Things That attract me to my best friends:( includes husband, family, etc.)
1. Honesty
2. Good sense of Humor
3. Good Listener
4. Crazy & Silly ( in a good way)
5. Trustworthy
6. Good-looking (that's for Sam)
7. Easy going
8. Genuine


The Wellman Family said...

Is Sam a teaching High school? Cute crazy eights. Sophie is ADORABLE. Miss ya.

the child family said...

That was so fun to read, Steph!
So you left me wondering, where were you born? Not Utah I guess?

Tippetts' Times said...

Yeah, when did Sam become a teacher? And really, you weren't attracted to me as a friend because of my good looks? Oh yeah, we were thrown into an apt. together. Still fun nonetheless! Love you!

Stephanie said...

Yeah, so Sam totally switched careers this past year and is teaching High school Biology! Crazy. Oh and Laura I was born in Ilinois in a little town named Dekalb. I just never have been back there and that always seems weird.

heidi said...

i'm glad to see i am part of the craziness! we love you, even when you don't get enough sleep and want a soda. :)

Kim said...

That is so fun, do you mind if I copy your idea and do it on my blog? Hope not, cause it'll probably post tomorrow! That is such an adorable onesie, by the way! Wish I could hop over and babysit for you sometime! Let's drop by Dekalb when we fly through Chicago on our way to Paris, OK?

Love ya

The Hale Family said...

Hey Stephanie! I saw your name on Cheryl's's Jen "Kusch" Hale. Your family is so cute and you look great...really happy!