Thursday, May 29, 2008

These boots are made for Walkin'


This is an old video of when Sophie first started walking and pushing her toy! It makes me laugh although she is now walking across the room all by herself. Go Sophie!

So this weekend I will get a video of that. Sorry Mom and Dad this was all I had.

She is walking as fast as she used to crawl! Kinda scary because she will just fall on her face and get back up to try again! The Kid is crazy!


ashley said...

she is getting so big! love when they start walking and fall all over! so cute!

marsha addams said...

This is darling,but I want to see the "REAL THING!!!"

heidi said...

i love little sophie crazy girl!

Kim said...

what a determined little pumpkin! I wish you could have gotten an angle of her face as she walked. I can't believe she is running on her own now. Somehow, we just HAVE to meet up this summer!

Sara said...

Could she be any cuter? I can't believe she is already walking. Time is FLYING by. I know I'm the worst blogger ever so I apologize but I love seeing your little ones. Come home already and let's get together so Will can meet his future wife. Fun.

the waites said...

I had no idea how hard the walking phase is... If I would of known I would have pushed Myles down. Cute video!