Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bella Musing

Who Am I? What is Life? How does the world turn?
I thought this was a sweet picture of Bella thinking and drinking. I sometimes wonder what she is thinking and as many of you know she will blurt out the darndest things. Maybe I will share a few examples:
**When Sam and I are discipling her she randomly calls out, "Shaka Daddy" and gives us the SHaka(or hang loose sign).
**When her little friend tells her he dosen't like the hardware store his daddy took him to Bella says, "I don't like them either I only like Soft Stores"
**In the middle of the post office line when Sofia started to cry she yells out, " Mommy she wants to eat your Breast!"
**At the grocery store a Fat Man(not to be rude) walks past and Bella says outloud, "He looks really Soft mom."
**After reading Jack and the Beanstalk, " Mom, I think I would like the Giant better if he was smiling and wearing Pink."
There are so many laugh out loud moments everyday with Bella. I can't remember most of them, so maybe I will Blog them every once in a while. But for now that was a small edition of Bella's Musing's, until next time Keep it Cool my babies. Love, Bella
*P.S. SO I just got back from the park with Bella and needed to add one more thing to this musing post. I just spent the last 25 minutes watching Bella throw leaves up in the air and letting them fall on her face while continuely yelling"Weeeeeeee!" Of course the entire park was watching her because you don't often see a Little Redhead standing by herself utterly happy with herself and the leaves. Then for the next 10 minutes I watched as she scooped up armfuls of leaves and ran clear across the park to put them on the swing. Yes as you might imagine they would all fly out of her arms and by the time she got to the swing to push them...they were gone. This process continued until I couldn't stand the disappointment in her face after always arriving at the swing with no leaves in her arms. I interceded and we decided to smash and crunch all the leaves instead. What a fabulously happy, silly girl I have. (Sorry this was supposed to be a short P.S. not a monologue).


Tippetts' Times said...

Only your kid would give the hang loose sign! That's so funny. Grace has said embarassing things about breastfeeding in public too. You're not alone Steph!

the bates motel said...

what a cutie! i love her comments. how funny. carter and her would be have so much fun together! p.s. i love the lil tutu!

the bates motel said...
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Once Upon a Dream... said...
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ashley said...

i really want to meet that little girl of yours, she sounds hysterical.

Ryan & Kristina said...

Ha ha! That is SO funny. Kids say the strangest things, don't they? I'm seriously laughing out loud right now as I'm trying to picture your face after you heard Bella's comment in the post office!

Tippetts' Times said...

you've been tagged! Check my blog for details.